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Exclusive wine degustation

Exclusive wine tasting experience at one of the best restaurant in Ohrid. Trying 5 different wines  paired with 5 excellent courses at the most picturesque background. The wines are produced from the best wineries in Macedonia and food especially designed with only local ingredients.



Price includes:  5 wines,5 meal courses and wine description.

Approximate time :2 hours

Local winery&wine tasting

Visit Ohrids small winery in the heart of the old town where you can taste 6 of their top selected wines accompanied with portion of selected cheeses, proscuito and bruschetta. The wine tasting is organized at the small winery cellar together with the winery sommelier.




Price includes:  6 wines,winery sommelier and snacks.

Approximate time :2 hours



Wine tradition in Macedonia

The tradition of wine production in Macedonia is centuries old. Since the time of the Roman Empire Macedonia was a well-known country creating wonderfully and tasteful wines. The long wine tradition in the country, specifically Tikves region includes numerous, valuable and skilled winegrowers and winemakers responsible for the wine quality. Macedonia with its position and climate offers possibility of producing special and premium wine products. Premium wines are the result of the perfect blend of earth, sky, sun, the best grapes from Tikves region and cutting-edge technology and knowledge of wine masters. There are 11 000 hectares of grape fields mainly situated South – Central of Macedonia along the valley of the biggest river in Macedonia , called Vardar.


Cultural trip passing through amazing various terrain combine with tasty Macedonian food and wine. Visiting 3 of one of the best wineries in Macedonia Experiencing country sites, history, culture and nature. A winery trip enriched with history where you can taste one of the best wine in the country. Possibility of tasting special edition wine combine with excellent and rich Macedonian cuisine. All wine tours and tastings accompanied with excellent enologists and top chefs.


Tikves winery tour

Tikves winery trip


Tikves winery in Kavadarci is the biggest and the oldest winery not just in Macedonia but also on the Balkan and eastern Europe countries.Tikves wine district is recognized as the most important quality wine growing region in Macedonia.

This is where the Mediterranean climate from the south meets the continental winds from the north creating a superb wine growing conditions to produce teperamental and complex wines.In average the winery process 30.000 tons of grapes annually.

Located over on 100.000 m2 Tikves winery has spread his market throughout Macedonia and in over  foreign countries,making the largest wine operation on Macedonian soil.



Trip includes: Transport, Tasting 4-5 wines, Guide, Winery tour, Sanck/Lunch and Fabric price of special selected wines.



Time of departure:09:00 am

Approximate time of the trip:9 hours

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