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Only 15 km  drive west of Ohrid is situated the other city on Ohrid lake.Struga where river Crni Drim passes just right through the heart of the town and makes Struga a poetic center for Macedonian and international authors.On it’s surroundings you can find the traditional settlement Vevchani that rests on the beautiful Jablanica mountain with it’s natural spring known as Vevchani springs.Descending from Jablanica toward the border with Albania on the very shore of Ohrid lake you can enjoy the calming fisherman villages Radozda and Kalishta where you can explore two cave churches dating from 14th c.

Places you can see and visit:Vevchani andn Vevchani spring,Cave church St.Bogoridica Kalishta,Small fisherman village Radoza,Cave church,St.Archangel and Michael,Town Struga(optinal).

Trip Includes:Transport,guide and lunch(optional).


Time of departure:10:00 am

Approximate time of trip:4 hours

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