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Crossing 2 natural lakes between 2 National Parks

Hiking and exploring the beautiful nature of two National Parks (NP Galichica and NP Pelister) situated at South- West part of Macedonia. Organized tour combine with long-distance walking, boat trip ,visiting  historical and cultural sights and tasting delicious Macedonian food.

Seven trip days all the way the countryside ,visiting cultural and natural highlights.  Visiting old villages, archeological sites, learning the culture and tasting Macedonian tradition and cuisine. Reaching peaks on 2000 masl, exploring undiscovered mountain ranges, connecting two natural lakes (Ohrid and Prespa lake) and searching for the best landscapes.



Starting point Bitola city,526m a.s.l
Highest point Peak Pelister , Baba mountain ,2601 masl
Ending point Ohrid city, 690 masl
Duration of the trail TOTAL 9 days: 5 days hiking ,2 days city tours ,Days for travel
Length of the trail 90 kilometers
Total elevation 5.110 masl
Group size 6-10 persons
Difficulty of the trail *****
Required fitness level ****

Dates to book for this tour are the following:

First cycle:       Start date  25.05.2017 End date 02.06.2017

Second cycle:  Start date  04.06.2017 End date 12.06.2017

Third cycle:     Start date  09.06.2017 End date 17.06.2017

Forth cycle:     Start date  14.07.2017 End date 23.07.2017

Fifth cycle:      Start date  07.08.2017 End date 15.08.2017

Sixth cycle:     Start date  04.09.2017 End date 13.09.2017


*Price per person

Price includes: 

- 6HB+2BB

- Guide

- Boat tour,Prespa lake

- Entrance fees 

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  • Phone: +389 46 255 552 - Office
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